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Hole Shot Coffee Company-sponsored Utah Off Road Racing Kicks Off 2023 Season in Mesquite Grand Prix

Hole Shot Coffee's race team kicked off the 2023 season at the USRA Mesquite Grand Prix hosted by Buzzards MC, and it was a wild ride! The riders faced a challenging course with rocks, sand, washes, and other obstacles that pushed them to their limits. Despite the tough conditions, the team put up a strong performance, with five riders competing in various classes.

Team owner Kyle Gervais and riders Carlos Moreno, Wes Harvel, and Brayton Ercanbrack all finished the race, with Kyle and Carlos taking home 2nd place finishes in their respective classes. Unfortunately, Brandon Pena crashed out of the race during the second lap, but thankfully he's doing okay and looking forward to the next race.

Wes Harvel had a great ride and finished 3rd in his class, while Brayton Ercanbrack pushed hard and finished only 8 minutes behind the 3rd place podium spot, taking 5th in his class. All in all, it was a solid start to the season for Hole Shot Coffee's sponsored team and they're looking forward to more races and more opportunities to test their skills in the coming weeks and months.

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