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The Inspiration:

The "Drunkards Wash" blend draws its name and inspiration from the rugged terrain and exhilarating experiences found at Drunkards Wash, a well-known desert wash in Price, Utah. This area is not only famous for its breathtaking landscape but also for being a key location in the world of off-road desert racing. Specifically, it hosts part of the USRA Racing series and events organized by Finish Line Productions, with the start and finish lines set at the Carbon County Fairgrounds in Price. These races typically occur in mid-April, drawing enthusiasts from all over to test their mettle against the challenging course.

The History:

Price, Utah, the gateway to Drunkards Wash, has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Named after LDS Bishop William Price who explored the region in 1869, the town evolved from a small farming community into a bustling hub due to the advent of the railroad in 1883 and the discovery of coal. This transformation brought a diverse population of immigrants, contributing to the cultural richness of the area​ (Chem Eng @ U of Utah)​​ (History to Go)​.

The Races:

The Drunkards Wash desert race is a highlight in the racing calendar. Participants navigate through a mix of challenging terrains, from rocky paths to powdery dust, all set against the stunning backdrop of Utah's wilderness. The races are known for their demanding nature, requiring not just speed but also strategic thinking and endurance. Racers often share stories of close battles, tough conditions, and the camaraderie that develops through these shared experiences​ (Blais Racing Services)​.

The Coffee:

Our "Drunkards Wash" blend embodies the spirit of this iconic desert race. Just as racers need a perfect balance of speed, skill, and stamina, this coffee blend strikes the ideal balance of robust flavor and smooth finish. Barrel-aged in whiskey barrels, it captures the rugged, adventurous essence of the race and the terrain. This unique aging process adds a distinctive, rich flavor profile, making it a favorite among those who seek both adventure and refinement in their coffee.

The Legacy:

Each sip of "Drunkards Wash" is a tribute to the racers, the history, and the spirit of Price, Utah. It’s a blend that honors the past, celebrates the present, and looks forward to the future of racing and adventure. Perfect for fueling your own adventures or enjoying a moment of reflection, this coffee is more than a beverage – it’s a journey.

Drunkards Wash - whole bean

  • Get ready to hit the trails with Drunkards Wash - the bold, whiskey barrel aged coffee that's perfect for dirt bike enthusiasts. This single origin Guatemalan coffee is aged for 30 days in a bourbon barrel, giving it a rich, smooth flavor that's perfect for sipping on the go. Whether you're racing through the desert or just relaxing at home, Drunkards Wash is sure to satisfy your cravings for something bold and flavorful. So why wait? Grab a cup and let the smooth, woody flavors of Drunkards Was

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