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Grind Beans Not Gears!

Flavored Coffee

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The Hole Shot Coffee Company

How We Got Here........

It's the first thing we put in our tank before we put fuel in the tank!  We might be using 80wt in the engine but the old trusty forty weight java is what keeps us on the throttle.  If we could make a cup of G-Out Joe smell like that sweet sweet caster after a cold morning start then, we would be rich!  Until then, we will keep offering the best booter brew we can.  Moto is life. Coffee is fuel. Fuel your life!


While we're at it, for every 1lbs bag of roasted bean goodness you buy, $1 will be donated to the RiderDown Foundation.  We will also be supporting local riders and their racing efforts. Those entry fees can stack up faster than a full gate of Novice Class in the first turn. We are committed to our Moto community, the people we ride with, the ones we race with, our Moto family.


We founded this company with a great idea in mind, a purpose, a drive.  When we remember what that was after the ringing in our head stops from the dirt nap we had last week, we will let you know!


The Hole Shot Coffee Company offers our customers the best selection of blends at competitive prices and free shipping. Your whole bean orders are roasted the day they are shipped. Grinds are allowed to air out and shipped next day after roasting. We also offer company merch like hats, shirts, mugs and tumblers. Check it out and help support a Moto family member today!

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